How to awaken children's interest in literature

28.4.2022 2173

Recently, pupils from the Mercy House No. 22 in Tashkent had days dedicated to literature. On the first day they visited the Alley of Writers in the National Park. As the guys admitted after the tour, here, looking at the monuments of famous poets and writers of Uzbekistan, they perceive differently the stories about the life and work of Babur and Ogakhi, Mukimi and Chulpan, Avloni and many of our other outstanding figures of literature.
On the second day, the pupils visited the House-Museum of Abdulla Kadiri. Here everything remains as during the life of the author of "O'tgan kunlar", "Mehrobdan chayon" and many other novels and plays. The children were told about the film adaptation and theatrical performances based on the works of A. Kadiri, about the translations of his works into other languages.
It is noteworthy that after visiting the Alley of Writers and the House-Museum of Abdulla Kadiri, queues appeared in the library of the educational institution: the children were eager to read the works of those who were told to them in those two days.